Sponsored: Five Features That Help You Get The Proper Used Bike Evaluation

Posted on Mon ,03 Sep 2018 4:30 pm
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Sponsored: Five Features That Help You Get The Proper Used Bike Evaluation

If you still own a bike made before 2010, you are in dire need of an upgrade. In recent times, bikes and innovation have come a long way. DRLs, Digital speedometers, ABS, Disc brakes and petrol friendly engines are more like standard features in a modern day bike. If you wish to buy a new bike, you have to get rid of your old one. Bike owners have a strategy for buying a new bike i.e. they sell their old bikes and add some money to make up for the new one. However, getting the right value of your bike can put you in a dilemma.


It has been years since you first purchased your current model and have driven hundreds or thousands of kilometres. Add a few dents and major repairs, your bike value has now dropped by 50 percent. To get the best deal for your bike, you need to know every single thing about the vehicle, most importantly, the right valuation. Knowing the right price for your vehicle puts you one-step ahead in the game of bike sale. As you may see various buyers for your bike, knowing the right value of your bike can give you the confidence to convince the buyers.


How do you determine your bikes value?


If you think the local garage mechanic will give you the precise bike value, you are in for a substantial loss. Garage mechanics make huge profits with buying and selling old bikes, the question still stands here is how do they valuate a bike? The answer is, they just pay attention to some of the important factors of a bike and based on these factors they come up with a price. These are the major factors they refer to.


·       Make: People often prefer a particular brand over the others for numerous reasons. Some prefer brands like Honda, Bajaj and TVS for durability and low maintenance while others choose Yamaha and Suzuki for high performance. Since, majority of people in India purchase bikes for daily travel, commuter bikes have higher demand in the used segment and fetch great resale value.


·       Age: Age plays an important role in determining the bike value. The quality of the parts incorporated in a vehicle deteriorates after a certain period of time. This causes the bike to malfunction and in worst case it can lead to breakdowns. Which is the reason, why people looking for used bikes avoid bikes more than 5 years old.


·       Condition: When people buy used bikes they don’t look forward to repairing it right after purchase. So, if you are expecting a good amount from your bike you need to keep in good condition. The engine should be oiled, brakes adjusted and lights and tires fixed before put up the bike for sale. Moreover, if your bike looks good, it will attract more buyers.


If you are still finding it hard to get the right valuation for your bike you can visit orangebookvalue.com. It is a website that provides accurate used bikes and car price for free. Orange book value uses a unique algorithm to determine the fair market price of a used vehicle. You can also get loans from banks and NBFCs via OBV certification to purchase used vehicles. 

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Sponsored: Five Features That Help You Get The Proper Used Bike Evaluation
Sponsored: Five Features That Help You Get The Proper Used Bike Evaluation
Posted On : Mon ,03 Sep 2018 4:30 pm

How do you determine your bikes value?...